Joe Irvin

So very sad to hear about Ian passing at such a relatively young age.
Ian joined the Transport and General Workers Union Research Dept, from YouthAid in the late 80s. There were some brilliant researchers at the T&G around that period, as well as Ian, including Frances O’Grady (now TUC).

I headed up the T&G Executive Support Unit, in which Ian came to work, under General Secretary Ron Todd. Ian was also a Councillor in Haringey at the time and known as somewhat of a scourge of the hard left, whilst at the same time receiving flak for the T&G’s left wing stance.

I have worked with few people so quick witted and brilliantly gifted and fluent as a writer. His mind seemed to race at a quicker pace than normal humans, matched by his love of fast jazz music. Ian was great company, an entertaining raconteur and had a waspish sense of humour. His working life reflected his commitment to social justice and the environment, and he certainly made his mark.

It is tragic that Ian was taken so young. He used to say that the Gower and South Wales coast was his favourite place on earth so at least he was in Wales to the last.

He will be missed.