Dr David Lowry

I worked with Ian for eight months in Michael Meacher’s office when Michael was in the shadow cabinet as Shadow Environmental Protection Secretary, in 1996-97, right up to the 1997 Victorious General Election.

I was a specialist researcher, Ian was essentially Michael’s chief of staff and communications officer. I prepared one very controversial policy paper, calling for the clean up of environmentally contaminated U.K. military  bases loaned to the US military post-1945. The shadow defense team hated it, as it criticised the UK’s closest allies for leaving huge pollution behind. Peter Mandelson instructed Michael not to release it; Ian and Michael has other ideas. Between us we gave sections of it exclusively to trusted Sunday newspaper journalists in Scotland, Wales and U.K. They  published articles simultaneously on the next Sunday. 

Mandy was furious; Michael very pleased; Ian beamed with success😊🌻We had got the story out, and poked the hated Mandelson in the eye.

R.I.P Ian, we all lost you far too young.