Mike Walton, Ian’s brother-in-law, is a good photographer and also must have the tenacious qualities of a sheepdog, judging by the number of family members he managed to herd into some of these photos.

Mike says “mostly when Ian saw me coming with a camera he would stick his tongue out like a small child or make some slightly ruder gesture with his hand.  Usually accompanied with an encouraging word to get lost. So my collection is somewhat reduced!” He goes on to say:  

“He was so very good at keeping an eye on and providing a helping hand to all his nephews and nieces. I don’t think any of our children submitted an essay without passing it in front of Ian first. He could always improve things with a few helpful ‘killer facts’ as he used to call them. He was larger than life and our lives are now less large.”  

Two pictures from around 1982, sent by Alison Dowell, who took them in Walton Well Road, Oxford. She says “I remember him as a funny, affectionate, sweet man.”

Owen Tudor raided his photo collection and came up with shots covering the late-’70s to the mid ’90s, including some very special occasions.

Top left, as an undergraduate. On the back of this photo, in Ian’s handwriting, is “Left intellectual synthesising, concretising and hegemonising (not necessarily in that order)” Owen says “I didn’t say “concretising” at that time, and would probably have said something more dialectical”

Next down, a picnic at Ally Pally in the early ’90s. Top right and next down, on holiday with Owen and Sarah in the Lot, December 1992.

Then, from 1993 both official and unofficial shots from the Tudor Carthew wedding, including one of Ian making the best man speech. And finally, from around May 1995, Ian’s first meeting with Charles Carthew.

Next, from a holiday in Pembrokeshire in 1987, with Kathy Jones, Paul Convery, Jane Gorvin, John Gillespie and Anne MacFarlane. Thank you to Paul for the amazing photos. So glad they are in black and white: that jumper I’m wearing was an eyesore. We cleaned out a pub quiz machine twice on that holiday, having between us a powerful combination of random knowledge from the arts, sciences and humanities.

John Gillespie has been gathering photos from that time into Flickr albums here:

They include a number of lovely photos of Anne MacFarlane, who died of a brain tumour on June 1st, 2017, and is greatly missed. Many of the photos were taken by Anne. They are fantastic reminders.