Ian’s music

Ian was a talented pianist, with a lovely tenor voice, later more of a baritone. He learned to play jazz piano and he played standards using fake sheets. Once he’d learned about AbletonLive, the music recording software, there was no holding him back. Christmas presents normally included his latest CD of covers. And he even wrote some songs himself, including “In the Shadow of his Smile” an excoriating critique of Tony Blair! Hover over the title and click on the link and have your tissues ready!

We’ll get a good selection of his own music up here when we can. Meanwhile, friends can see an idea of his eclectic taste by looking at this Facebook Page, where he also posted his latest recording (Lament, by trombonist J J Johnson) https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=only%20the%20very%20best%20music&epa=SEARCH_BOX

There is more of his own work up there on SoundCloud. Click this link

And here is an example of his playing in Little Haven, with his beloved family. Thank you Mike for filming it and putting this video together.