Most of the journalism we have found is by him, but there is also a batch that is about him! Many thanks to Deborah Arnott, Paul Lewis, Neil Nerva and Owen Tudor for finding the pieces on this page.


From the Times of 21st March, 1984



Times May 21, 1996


This Shameful Buck-Passing: The Climbié case should make us realise that local services are failing across the country

Why the Earth Summit Matters:


The environmental damage of war in Iraq

An evasion of responsibility: The front-line staff who failed to prevent the tragic death of Victoria Climbié have been sacked. But those in charge at the time won’t accept their share of the blame, says a former deputy leader of Haringey Council. (Thank you Neil Nerva for sending this link.)

The Greening of Tony Blair?


Smoke and Mirrors: The law banning smoking in public places is the culmination of one of the most successful social change campaigns in recent years. With Deborah Arnott


Written jointly with Deborah Arnott, Martin Dockrell and Amanda Sandford, here is a BMJ piece on the campaign to ban smoking in public places. Comprehensive smoke-free legislation in England: how
advocacy won the day